Dragon's Game
The Play 2 Earn rewards token!
Building the future of gaming with Dragon's Game. A decentralized platform for in-game economies. Join our community and experience true ownership and control!
"Get ready to take the gaming world by storm as Dragon's Game, the revolutionary P2E token and in-game marketplace, prepares for its highly anticipated launch in 2023"
"Dragon’s Game is set to revolutionize the world of gaming with its groundbreaking approach to player engagement and in-game economics"
"With a skilled and passionate team dedicated to delivering a truly innovative gaming experience, Dragon's Game promises to bring a new level of excitement and engagement to players around the world"
Contract Code to be fully audited and team fully verified.
A decentralized P2E gaming platform for in-game economics!
HatCH Dragons!
Players can purchase dragon eggs from the in-game marketplace. Once the egg is purchased, players will have to wait for a certain period of time for the egg to hatch into a baby dragon. The rarity of the egg will determine the rarity of the hatched dragon.
Players can purchase items such as food, potions, and training equipment to help their dragon grow to full size and increase its strength. As the dragon grows, players will be able to upgrade its abilities and make it more powerful.
Once a dragon is fully grown, players can participate in battles against other players' dragons. These battles will take place on a decentralized platform, and the winner of the battle will earn tokens as a reward. Players can use these tokens to purchase items and upgrades for their dragons.
The in-game marketplace is where players can purchase dragon eggs, items to help grow their dragons, and upgrades to make their dragons more powerful. The marketplace will also have a variety of items that players can use to decorate their dragon's habitat and make it more unique.
Launch (Q1 2023)
Initial marketing drive
Token audit
Team KYC
Pre-sale live
10K Telegram members
TAKE-OFF (Q2 2023)
NFT snippets released
Initial CEX listings
First bridge added
10,000 holders
Marketing boost
Community ambassadors/evangelists
Metaverse partnership outreach
FLIGHT (Q3 2023)
20,000 holders
Marketing/Branding campaign
Game sneak peaks
Omnichain bridge deployed
Community empowerment drive
Listing on multiple DEX
FLAME (Q4 2023)
NFT evolution launched
50,000 holders
Top 3 CEX launch
Massive marketing drive
Game Launch! (2024)
Community events
Big tech branding campaign
5% Charity donation
Loyalty rewards
Social Channels Live
Website launch
PR Machine live
10K Twitter followers
Token contract launch
Launch on Uniswap
25K Telegram members
Token claim live
Influencer campaigns
Meme machine at full speed
Verification of all socials
Merch shop live
NFTs minting release (hatching)
Character store opens
50K Telegram members
Regular marketing events
Marketplace beta launch
P2E Leaderboard and giveaways
Marketplace opens
Beta game launch
iPhone/Android beta apps
Meme machine on overdrive
Official P2E game launch
Game competitions + prizes
iPhone/Android app launches
Twitch game streaming partnerships
We charge a 5% fee on each transaction. This is distributed in the following ways...
Dragon's Game rewards holders! 2% of every transaction is used for the in-game rewards system to power Play to Earn!
1% Auto-Liquidity
1% is used to for liquidity to ensure the token stays healthy as we rise! A large and growing liquidity pool increases the stability of coin and ensures no single transaction has a large impact.
2% is used to for marketing. Any healthy token has a healthy marketing budget to maximise growth and reward holders!
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